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Infinity Therm is the third proposal from the Infinity line signed Lesepidado. The compact single pass Inkjet in line system, makes of Infinity Therm the continuous printing food printer perfect for industrial use. The single cartridges are easily removable and operate thanks to the Therm printing technology.

Infinity Therm is a Therm food printer developed for continuous printing operations on serial products. The width of the print is 5 centimeters, to ensure a superior accuracy despite the high operation speed of the device. For this reason Infinity Therm is the ideal printer for printing surfaces such as biscuits, macarons or marshmallows.

The continuous printing food printer Infinity Therm is provided with an extremely user-friendly integrated software, with the possibility of configurating its functions depending on the job’s requirement. This software takes advantage of the RFID technology to calculate the ink quantities available in the cartridges and, besides detecting the non compatible cartridges, it warns the user when the ink runs out. Infinity Therm is the therm food printer that matches in one single device the functions for optimal graphic performances and the technological ones for a fast automation of the job.

The cartridges of the continuous printing food printer Infinity Therm are not refillable and each of them is provided with an own indipendent printing head for simplifying replacement and reduction, at the same time, of failure risks. These characteristics always allow to print at a constant performance level, with the guarantee of the high quality of Lesepidado cartridges. To ensure the durability of the printer, Lesepidado has provided it with the RFID technology to recognize the original cartridges in order to assure the high quality of the components and of the food inks.

Also for Infinity Therm, the conveyor belt can reach the speed of 25 meters per minute.

The continuous printing food printer Infinity Therm has been realized to mantain high efficiency standards: in fact, it is possible to print an image on 5000 wafer paper sheets, with a surface of 5 by 5 centimeters, in one hour. The integrated managing software, allows to program Infinity Therm meeting the user’s requirements, in addition to being able to rely on an adjustable printing height depending on the needs.

The printing head of Infinity Therm ensure an high resolution printing, up to 600 by 600 dpi, possible both in one-colour and three-colour printing: in the laste case the black colour is automatically generated during the printing process. The inks for the operations of the therm food printer Infinity Therm are produced by Lesepidado and entirely edible: these inks are obtained from food ingredients and have been developed in various formulations in compliance with the regulations in force in the different countries.



  • Very high printing speed
  • Completely scalable and suitable for personalisation system
  • 5 centimeters printing width for exact prints
  • Cartridges with indipendent printing head manually replaceble when they run out
  • User-friendly managing software included
  • 600x600 dpi printing definition


Infinity Therm is the continuous printing food printer realized taking the confectionary industry into account that operates with high production volumes and requires serial and fast prints.


Max. print width Up to 5 cm
Max. product height Variable
Full conveyor tape speed 25 minutes
Full print speed 5000 pcs/h
Ac supply 110/220v – 50/60 Hz



Infinity Therm





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