Icing is an edible decoration with matt effect designed for all possible applications for both industrial and artisanal pastry making.

Whether you are working at a semifreddo or a mousse, this icing for cake decoration is perfect both for writing and for decorating directly on the surface. The texture developed by Lesepidado for this product allows you to decorate precisely, tastefully and with fantasy any product such as biscuits, mousse, cakes, ice creams etc.…

The edible icing with matt effect has been realized in order to harden in about 20 minutes time after application, allowing you to decorate the product with opaque coloured effects that make printing with Lesepidado food printers possible as well as the creation of written and relief decorations. 

Perfect to give a touch of elegance to many confectionery products and ideal for writing on birthday cakes, biscuits and so much more. On each product, you will be able to appreciate its professional finishing.

The edile icing with matt effect is also available for piping bags. It is available in a jar for professional use or in a tube for home use.

As the complete Lesepidado range of products, Icing has been developed and manufactured in a BRC and IFS certified facility, where no raw materials containing gluten are used. 

We can realize colours and packaging upon request. 

Please contact us to receive information about our complete range of products.

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