Marking Pen is a food marker suitable for decorating smooth and non-greasy surfaces such as biscuits, candies, marshmallow and dragees.

Unleash your imagination with Marking Pen, create lively decoration on your confectionery and make your creations of great visual impact by customizing them with your name or an inscription for each occasion.

The food marker Marking Pen is recommended for free-hand decoration: the surface of the cake is the sheet on which you will be drawing all that your imagination is suggesting. Developed for quick but very eye-catching decoration, Marking Pen is recommended to pastry-chefs, cake designers or whoever wants to amaze with fancy and original creations. 

As the complete Lesepidado range of products, Marking Pen has been developed and manufactured in a BRC and IFS certified facility, where no raw materials containing gluten are used. 

We can realize colours and packaging upon request. 

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