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Infinity is Lesepidado’s industrial food printer, developed for confectionery industry at high production volumes, that operates long or continuous production cycles. Thanks to the Inkjet single pass technology, Infinity allows printing large volumes in reduced time.

Infinity is also a high-speed food printer, therefore suitable for a consistent number of printing operations. The organization of the printer’s parts is such that it makes it possible to combine more printing heads up to reaching a printable light over two meters, handling in a short time considerable production lot.

Infinity represents one of our ideal suggestions in terms of high-speed printing and printing of high volumes. As an industrial food printer, Infinity is provided with a powerful printing software, with the possibility of setting it on customized resolutions that, otherwise, would be set at the standard 180 dpi.

For a continuous job on high quantities of products, the industsrial foor printer is provided with a bulk ink system. This system allows the printer to operate continuously without any interruption to refill or replace the cartridges. The conveyor belt can reach, if necessary, the speed of 25 meter per minute.

In case, for instance, you should print an image size seven by seven centimeters on nine thousand wafer paper sheets, Infinity industrial food printer would accomplish the last print one hour after the first one. Besides, thanks to the integrated management software that, programmed according to the user’s requirements, each print will have an extremely high-quality grade. Furthermore, the bulk system will ensure a continuous process without bothering the operator.

In addition, Infinity allows to place the system on an existing production line. The printer is in fact offered as a stand-alone conformation (complete with conveyor belt and complete printing system) or as a simple version for being installed on a pre-existing production line.

For additional saving, Infinity’s bulk is connected with printing heads that use piezo technologies, while the detecting system of the printable surface is carried out by trigger sensors that allow the activation of the printing heads only if the unit is correctly placed. The inks, used for the operations of Infinity industrial food printer are realized by Lesepidado and are the result of twenty years of experience in Inkjet printing in the food sector; obtained from food ingredients, they have been developed in various formulations in compliance with the regulations in force in the different countries.



  • Very high printing speed
  • Low printing costs
  • Highly scalable and suitable for personalisation system
  • Printing light extendible up to 2 meter of width
  • Ink Bulk technology for long production cycles
  • Managing software included
  • Possibility of customizing the printing definition
  • Possibility of stand alone mounting
  • Printing images up to 7 cm wide, scalable by combination of printing heads in increments of 7 cm


Infinity is the high speed food printer developed for the confectionery industry with high production volumes, requiring reliability and low cost.


Max. print width Variable up to 200cm
Max. product height Variable
Full conveyor tape speed 25 minutes
Full print speed 9000 pcs/h
Ac supply 110/220v – 50/60Hz



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Suitable Inks

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