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Deliziosa is the food printer for large size with 4 non refillable cartridges, meant for food printing of large images. The inkjet technology assures a photographic performance of the prints on surfaces up to 50 x 60 centimeters. Deliziosa also allows printing directly on products in a baking pan, up to a thickness of 14 centimeters, therefore perfect for food printing on high cakes.

Deliziosa distinguishes itself by its automatic functionalities of detection of the printing height: the software detects the height of the surface of the product and allocates the printing heads on the exact spot for a clean print without inaccuracies. The maximum weight that can be loaded on Deliziosa’s belt is 15 kilogram and the printing should be carried out on horizontal surfaces up to 14 centimeters of height mantaining a photographic quality even in food printing of high cakes.

Deliziosa can print various surfaces in terms of size and consistency. Without compromising quality, the large size food printer Deliziosa can print on rolled sugar paste, even home-made one, higher than industrial sheets or on treated chocolate; or on products such as biscuits, cakes and marshmallows, up to notoriously more challanging surfaces such as jellies or icing sugar. This all strengthened by the ‘made in Italy’ high quality of the components of Lesepidado’s printers.

Lesepidado, through Deliziosa, offers therefore a perfect solution for food printing on high cakes, still mantaining the limited sizes of the printer itself. In fact, Deliziosa is a compact device, 123.35 centimeter long and 101.9 cm wide, 45 kilogram of weight, that can easily be placed on the working table of a pastry shop as well as of a semi-industrial bakery. The versatility of Deliziosa makes it a food printer for large images also suitable for meticulous and detailed jobs, placing itself between the large sized printers and the more compact printers of the Lesepidado family.

Lesepidado provides, together with the printer, also a RIP for operating digitally on the project and verifying the colour curves and the quantities per printing area, at the same time keeping the costs under control. Deliziosa printer is provided with a touch-screen to monitor continously the status of the device. Deliziosa’s software works with any Windows version from 8.1 on.

Deliziosa does not foresee refillable cartridges: each cartridge is provided with a dedicated printing head that allows superb printing performance at any time, with the guarantee of high quality Lesepidado cartridges. To protect the durability of Deliziosa printer, Lesepidado has provided its printer with the RFID technology for the recognition of the original cartridges, to guarantee the high quality of the components and of the food inks.

Deliziosa is offered including the complete documentation: guarantee, manual of instructions and USB driver, power cables and USB connection cables and a starter kit including 4 cartridges.



  • Touch-screen display
  • Automatic height regulation
  • ‘IRIDE’ dedicated and included printing RIP
  • Compatibility with Windows 8.1 and following versions
  • Compact dimensions
  • ‘RFID by Lesepidado’ cartridge recognition system
  • Printing on products in baking tray


Deliziosa is the food printer for large size that Lesepidado has developed for pastry chefs who have the necessity of large printing surfaces but who operate with heavy products: while the exchangeability of the cartridges and of the printing heads guarantees in the long run an exceptional printing performance of Deliziosa.


Printable area 60x50cm
Max product height 14 cm
Max product weight 15 kg
Printing speed at 600x1200dpi max resolution A3: 1’10’’
Printer weight 45 kg
Connection USB 2.0
Display Touchscreen
Technical features Automatic calculation of the height of the product








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Cyan – Magenta – Yellow - Black

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HP Cartridge 45A with RFID
Ink 42 ml

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