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Lesepidado introduces LeRobot, developed for food decoration printing that, thanks to the 3D printing technology, allows the creation of amazing decorations on any kind of surface, whether they are flat such as chocolates, biscuits or cakes; or curved such as chocolate eggs; or even irregular surfaces of different thicknesses.

3D printing represents nowadays an historic turning point in production processes, for this reason Lesepidado has had the idea of matching the hardware characteristics of 3D printers with the peculiarity of the automized confectionery production: the result is LeRobot. Its Pastryjet precision head allows accurate calibration of the technical printers, even in the food sector.

LeRobot can be qualified as a decoration system that takes advantage of the power of an intelligent software owned by Lesepidado. The versatility of the software allows the creation of decorations of high visual impact even starting from images: it is sufficient to follow with a special pen the contours of any image on the screen to make it possible that the lines and connecting points are redesigned by the system and reproduced by LeRobot directly on the chosen product.

LeRobot is a food printing system developed for sophisticated creations of great scenic effect. In case of elaborate or long-lasting prints, LeRobot is provided with connections with ink tanks. In this way it will not be necessary to take action and recharge the cartridges.

With LeRobot it is possible to decorate different surfaces depending on the requirements up to a maximum of 30 by 30 centimeters. The maximum height to which it is possible to bring the nozzle is 16 centimeters, while the moving of the printing head reaches 300 millimeters per second, allowing fast, precise and high-impact food printing decorations.

LeRobot is a low weight product, just 25 kilograms, that can be easily placed in a pastry shop or in a semi-industrial working place.

LeRobot is offered complete with the manual of instructions and Lesepidado guarantee certificate, power cable, USB cable and integrated software.



  • Precise and fast for standard prints
  • Decorates curved, flat and irregular surfaces
  • Possibility of connection to tanks for long working schedules
  • Is provided with a dedicated software of high user-friendliness grade
  • Possibility of printing up to 16 cm of height
  • Wide printing basis (30x30 centimeters)
  • High precision of Pastryjet printing head



LeRobot is ideal both for artisanal pastry shops, thanks to its compact dimensions and for the small pastry industry working with medium-small production volumes.


Weight 25 Kg
Max. product size 30 x 30 cm
Max. product height 16 cm
Full print speed 300 mm/s
Number of programs 100
Max. product weight 10 Kg



LeRobot 300P



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